Our mission is to preserve, improve, and maintain the purity of the Arabian breed. Our goal is to promote the amateur owner and continue the lineage that has made the Arabian horse so special. We choose bloodlines that carry type, elegance, charisma, beauty, stamina, intelligence, and sound workable conformation. We are personally involved with all aspects of our horses from their birth until we choose their new home. In selecting new homes for our colts and fillies, we are very selective in their placement-we can't pick all their homes, but we can pick their first one. We believe that small breeders/amateur owners are an essential part of the Arabian Horse Industry. Many of the finest Arabs in the world have come from "backyard barns" tucked away in all corners of the world

Herder Arabians, LLC.
Matt & Kristin Herder
P.O. Box 685
Troy, OH 45373

210-896-0296 (Matt)
210-896-0294 (Kristin)

E-mail: info@herderarabians.com

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